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    5 Stars
    W, N
    05, 15, 2017

    Dr. Zahedi is not only an exceptional dentist, he is a good person. In my 44 years of life, I have never had a cavity. Then last year I cracked a tooth, had a root canal, a tooth extraction and a successful tooth implant. Dr. Zahedi was both professional and caring; the optimal combination to have in a dentist when spending hours sitting in “the chair”. I completely trust him for treating me, as well as my husband and our two children. Thank you Dr. Zahedi for your skill and dedicated service to your patients, as well as for my beautiful new tooth!

    5 Stars
    yo yoo
    09, 09, 2016

    Dental pain are not fun. However, if you live in Bay Area , get a referral to Dr Zahedi From your insurance. He is great and awesome and whole staff are professional, Basically zero pain after extraction and implant procedure done at the first visit .Greatest experience in terms of dental work. Two thumps up!!!!!!!

    5 Stars
    07, 14, 2016

    My new ins. co gave me only two dentists to choose from, and I am so grateful I chose Dr. Zahedi, It was easy to get an appt. There was no waiting before I was seen. The cleaning was expeditiously done. He and his staff are very friendly. One is even very funny, which helps in a dental office. I am very pleased with my choice of Dr. Zahedi.

    5 Stars
    C. S.
    06, 24, 2016

    I was fortunate to have found a Dentist thru my Insurance Plan that’s:

    • Reliable
    • Professional
    • Friendly, especially when you first walk in
    • Clean office
    • Cares about your comfort level and quality of work
    • Great Staff

    I was very happy with my results and the follow-up with my procedures. I had several procedures which required a lot of work. I was impressed at how Dr. Zahedi schedules his appointments so you don’t run out of lidocain in between, which has been a problem with me in the past. He listens to you about your fears. The work was excellent. They even timed me on my meter expiration for my parking. Dr. Zahedi’s office made me feel welcome and relaxed. I would highly recommend him and his office staff for your future dental needs. When you have to be referred to a specialist they will make the appointment for you and calculate your cost. Great office.

    5 Stars
    Mom Momy
    01, 18, 2016

    Wanted to find an evaluation clinic that had a legitimate dentist, and looked like a real practice. Dr zahedi surpassed my expectations. They were wonderful and incredibly helpful. Not to mention the area they are in is surrounded by, good food in San Rafael.
    This made my whole adventure affordable and time efficient. Parking was easy to find and I did not have to pay for it. Then after a fantastic visit with dr Zahedi. On my way to the dispensary there were so many food options in one place I was pleasantly surprised! And THEN, I am being serious here, This office is in an extraordinary location, and more importantly the people in the office and the dr Zahedi are some of the most pleasant people I have dealt with EVER when going to get my teeth checked. And there is NO WAIT at all!! Even though there were 2 people in front of me by the time I filled out my form I was in with the doctor. Great energy and great flow. Definitely check this office out, you won’t be disappointed.

    5 Stars
    mlk mlk
    2 months ago-

    Dr. zahedi and staff are wonderful. My appointments always begin and end on time. I can’t say enough kind things about Dr. zahedi. I worked in the dental field many years ago at UC Med Center for Oral surgeons and have seen quite a few dentists in the Bay Area over the last 15 years. Dr. zahedi is an outstanding dentist with a caring and gentle touch. You couldn’t ask for a better dentist.

    5 Stars
    P.K. (Greenbrae, CA)

    Dear Dr. Zahedi , now that I have had my two new front teeth for a month now, want to let you know how much I love them. I can now smile without worrying about my previous two crooked upper front teeth showing and how embarrassed I always was about that. The color matches perfectly and they look so natural. Great work.. Thank you,

    5 Stars
    E.D. (San Rafael, CA)

    Dear Dr. Zahedi, I want to thank you for the excellent dental care that you have given me over the past several years. I especially want to thank you for the work done on my front teeth and for your willingness to go the second mile in being sure that I am completely happy with the work and appearance!

    5 Stars
    Jay Leone (San Rafael, CA)

    I wish to acknowledge my satisfaction with my dentist, Dr. Peter Zahedi. He is caring, professional, and proficient in all the work he has done on my teeth. I am profoundly pleased to have him as my dentist.

    5 Stars
    L. H. M.  (San Rafael, CA)
    04/ 09/ 2015

    Recently I had work done including crowns & a permanent bridge which gave me a new bright smile. The work took longer than proposed which was a bit frustrating but through no fault of Dr. Zahedi. Because he wanted things to be done right, as did I, the tissue under the bridge took longer to heal than expected and some of the lab work had to be redone which added to turnaround time to completion. The end result, however, is that I have new bright smile compared to front teeth with a slightly crooked, chipped tooth & discoloration of old fillings that would likely eventually have washed out anyway due to their age & then have to replaced. I am happy with the result & find that I’m not examining my front teeth every time I look in the mirror.

    5 Stars
    T & B G.   (San Rafael, CA)
    03/ 17/ 2015

    Dear Dr, Zahedi, once again you came through for both of us. My husband suddenly lost a crown which broke off his tooth. He found himself in extreme pain. Fortunately you did take him in right away. You knew what to do and you did it right! My husband is now waiting for his bridge and soon the whole bad ordeal will be forgotten. As for me you were the most patient Dentist there is. Thank you for your help, your advise on so many dental questions. My teeth implants are fitting and working well, and my new bridge works well and feels good … and looks so natural ! We like to thank you for your good dental work and knowledge, and always going the “extra mile” for us.

    5 Stars
    N. M.  (San Rafael, CA)
    01/ 29/ 2015

    This is one fabulous office – from the staff to the excellent service. I’m not at the point that I look forward to going – however, when I need to go, I don’t have anxiety issues before or after. Dr. Zahedi is gentle and precise. He prides himself in making his patients look as perfect as possible. I highly recommend them for your dental needs.

    5 Stars
    R. B.  (San Rafael, CA)
    12/ 14/ 2014

    I’ve been a patient of Peter Zahedi since he opened his San Rafael practice. I’ve been completely satisfied with all aspects of his dental care. He and his staff deliver quality care and services.

    5 Stars
    C. M  (Novato, CA)
    12/ 08/ 2014

    Being a chronic bruxer for more than 30 years, and being especially averse to dentists/ drills, my teeth were in embarrassingly bad shape. I chose Dr. Zahedi because he was one of the few Doctors providing services within the economical dental plan that I purchased. I was expecting second rate service and prepared to go to battle if necessary but my experience has refreshingly far exceeded my expectations. The dental work Dr. Zahedi provides is top notch and it is clear that his knowledge, experience and competence are second to none. I was not surprised when Dr. Zahedi was recently written up in the newspaper for the completion of his fellowship training. This is not a doctor that rests on his laurels and makes do. He is proactive about the newest technology and procedures available in the field. It turns out that I needed to have numerous crowns and a bridge all of which would have cost thousands of dollars. The materials used have diamond-like hardness and are impervious to even the most aggressive teeth grinder. Dr. Zahedi is the ultimate perfectionist as several appointments went way beyond the call of duty to get the preparation and execution just right. The staff is friendly, competent and they have the easy demeanor that comes from enjoying their work. Dr. Zahedi has a calming chair-side manner and I will no longer be avoiding the dentist like a plague. Drills are drills, but the care I received in this office was exceptional. If he was a hotel, I’d give his office 5 stars….Dr. Zahedi, Dentist extraordinaire.

    5 Stars
    M M. (Pt. Reyes Station, CA)
    11/ 30/ 2014

    I have been a patient at San Rafael Dentistry for several months undergoing some significant restoration work long delayed. The care has been consistently excellent, the equipment’s seem very modern and well maintained, and I’m very pleased with the results. I would recommend Dr. Zahedi without hesitation.

    5 Stars
    C. F (San Rafael, CA)
    11/ 12/ 2014

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the excellent treatment I have received from you. When I first started going to your office about five years ago I didn’t know what to expect but your office is close to where I live and that is a big plus so I just chanced it. I soon began to realize that you are probably the best dentist that I have ever been to. My dental health, in general, is far better than it has been in years because of your great advice and your dedication to perfection. When I turned up at your office a couple of months ago at the end of the day with a terrible toothache, you took me right in and knew immediately what the problem was and relieved the pain. When I went back for the “dreaded” root canal, I discovered that it is not the horrible ordeal that I’ve always been told. And let’s not forget the caps. They are truly a work of art!! Your staff is excellent too. Very nice and accommodating and that includes your brother who always makes me laugh! Waiting has never been an issue and the way that you manage to juggle two or three patients at the same time without taking extra time on to anybody’s appointment is plenty impressive. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thanks for being there!

    5 Stars
    N. A (Mill Valley, CA)
    06/ 30/ 2014

    I am a Marin County attorney with over 40 years of continuous practice. My wife, 4 children and I have had the great pleasure of being patients of Peter Zahedi, D.M.D. for over 10 years. Every one of our experiences has been exemplary. Dr. Zahedi has always been timely, attentive, professional, thoughtful, patient and painless. He takes time to listen to all of your concerns and then explains exactly what needs to be done before he begins.He works quickly without making you feel rushed. His prices are fair and his work is guaranteed. Dr. Zahedi is continually keeping pace with the very latest dental techniques. His entire staff are professional and most helpful. Both he, and his brother who is the office manager are handsome, ultra squeaky well groomed and charming. The offices are conveniently located and immaculate. There is always close-by parking. Dr. Zahedi deserves and receives our family’s highest recommendation.

    5 Stars
    P. C (San Rafael, CA)
    05/05/ 2014

    I have been going to Dr. Zahedi for several years, and have had very necessary extensive dental work done… I have experienced nothing but friendly and professional care from Dr. Zahedi, his dental technician staff, and Farnam, the office coordinator… I would recommend Dr. Zahedi to everyone, and I give him at least a 5 star rating!! , satisfied patient!

    5 Stars
    S.D. (Mill Valley, CA)

    My husband and I have been going to Dr. Zahedi for 9 years. I have been meaning to write a review for some time and I am going to write a review that I should have written some time ago.
    Today my husband had an emergency, because of pain that had kept him up all night. I called Dr. Zahedi’s office and Farnam, his brother answered the phone. The, “Fantastic Duo”, went into action immediately in order to help my husband.
    Over the years, we have received the best of dental care from Dr. Zahedi. He is efficient and he is an excellent Dentist. He always explains the procedures and is very pleasant to both of us.
    The office is very nice. The staff is always professional and helpful. Dr. Zahedi and his brother are both very good at what they do. When we first started going to Dr. Zahedi, Farnam even took the time to recommend the best insurance company for us.
    I highly recommend this Dental office. If I could, I would give it 6 stars.

    5 Stars
    N.S. (Mill Valley, CA)

    On 09/11/2013, after reviewing a complete set of my full mouth X-rays (plus 4 bitewing X-rays), Dr. Zahedi provided me a comprehensive oral evaluation plan for my entire upper mouth reconstruction consisting of two upper side crowns (right and left of 3 teeth each) and a six tooth frontal crown/bridge (a total of 12 permanent teeth replacements by three crowns). Doctor Zahedi took quite a lot of time explaining step-by-step every part of my “reconstruction” as well as answering all of my questions (the time factor of the entire procedure, what I should expect having “temporary” crowns, etc). The “front desk” was also very helpful answering my questions about the total expense including a breakdown of cost for each procedure plus a concurrent payment schedule. I was also offered a financing choice if I preferred a more extended payment option for the total cost. The Doctor and his staff left no stone (tooth) unturned in explaining all factors from A to Z. The duration of the plan spread over 5 months which would have been less except for the Holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) delays. The Doctor and I agreed that having a “mini vacation” over the Christmas Holidays would be good for me to get used to the new “feel” of the final result with the temporary frontal and the completed left and right side crowns “settling in” before commencing on the final stage of the frontal 6 tooth crown. I’d inquired about implants initially, but Dr. Zahedi discounted that idea for I am a diabetic (insulin dependent) making the healing aspect much slower & questionable. I’m sure that there could have been other factors that influenced Dr. Zahedi to recommend that I should go the “permanent crown” route. Now when I reflect back on the entire process, it was probably good taking more time for my healing from tooth extractions rather than “rushing” to get the job completed. My procedures were pretty extensive, but not as extensive as some patients of which Dr. Zahedi showed me “before” and “after” photos of their mouth reconstructions. WOW, talk about seeing the difference of Night and Day…..I was extremely impressed to see the “turn-a-rounds” that Dr. Zahedi had performed. I’m convinced that Dr. Zahedi is truly a perfectionist (in every sense of the word) taking the time and effort to make sure that he is personally and totally satisfied with each and every procedure that he performs before he lets his patient exit the dentist chair. It’s really nice to see someone with such a commitment to & passion for his profession. I couldn’t be happier with my results……the “looks”, the “feel” (plus bite comfort) of “normalcy” even more comfortable than I can recall for the past several decades. I would definitely give Dr. Zahedi 5+ stars out of 5 stars. All this confirms the trust and loyalty I placed in Dr. Zahedi as a true professional Doctor of Dentistry (D.D.S./D.M.D.) In my opinion) he is in every sense of the word one of the best dental professionals on this planet. I certainly don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Zahedi to anyone. I thank you, Dr. Zahedi, for working with me and caring for my health, well being and smile.

    5 Stars
    Vivian A. (San Rafael, CA)

    I was surprised to read negative reviews of Dr. Zahedi. It is clear these contrived “cheap shots” are the result of some sneaky, vindictive, malcontents with ulterior motives. Smells like jealousy. These haters should be ashamed of themselves. Dr. Zahedi and his staff are warm, courteous and extremely qualified. They deserve 5 stars a top rated dental office.

    5 Stars
    Roy Z. (Oakland, CA)

    I had an emergency with my implants/bridge which was done by a different dentist…..I called Dr. Zahedi and he asked me to come in right away and after no more than a minute wait, he was able to very quickly and efficiently take care of my emergency…Very responsible, no nonsense dentist….left his office feeling very comfortable…..

    5 Stars
    Barbara B. (San Rafael, CA)

    Peter Zahedi has been my primary dentist for a number of years now and over these years he has given me excellent service. No matter what the problem(s) he has always given excellent diagnosis of the situation and suggested a program to correct the problem. All his dental work has been of the highest quality and I have never experienced any problems with his work. His staff is also always very helpful and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Zahedi to anyone who needs dental care.


    5 Stars
    Bob H. (Novato, CA)

    Thank you for all the good work that you have done maintaining and restoring my teeth. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work and have complete confidence in your recommendations. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody looking for a dentist.


    5 Stars
    Anne M. (Novato, CA)

    Dr. Zahedi has been taking care of my teeth for many years. He has always done a great job, and is very meticulous. He will not let you leave until everything is just right. He is friendly, efficient and cares about his patients. A few months ago he did some cosmetic dental work on my front teeth, and I have not had any problems. It looks great and I can smile with confidence. I would recommend Dr. Zahedi and his staff without hesitation.



    5 Stars
    Jacquelyn G. PHD (San Rafael, CA)

    I have been a patient of Dr. Zahedi since he first came to San Rafael and after many dental problems; I continue to value him as my dentist. He is extremely professional, he really tries to meet my needs, been very comforting for my children and has prevented many dental problems. I also appreciate his office staff. I would certainly recommend Dr. Zahedi to anyone needing an excellent dentist.


    5 Stars
    Beverlee H. (San Rafael, CA)

    Like many, I do not enjoy going to the dentist. So by time I found Dr Peter Zahedi, I needed work. Over the years, he has cleaned my teeth, whitened them, gave me a root canal, helped with an abscess, and added crowns and four, yes, four bridges to my mouth. I found him to be professional, capable, and competent. Though some of these procedures took time and visits, he always worked hard to get me in and out quickly. His work is good. His staff is knowledgeable and professional and they can easily make appointments and take care of your insurance needs.
    All things considered, going to Dr. Zahedi is good for you and your teeth.


    5 Stars
    Nancy F. (Mill Valley)

    I wanted to write a five star review about Dr. Zahedi because I feel like I’m in such good hands when he’s solving my dental problems. He is resourceful, brilliant and concerned. But also, so important to me, is his manual dexterity. Even when the work is complex, nothing hurts and nothing has ever had to be done over. When I finally raised the possibility of cosmetic dentistry, he showed me some before and after pictures of the mouths of patients. The pictures were encouraging so I decided to go ahead and now my lower front teeth look perfect. Also, notable, I’ve never had to wait and his staff is courteous and very, very competent.


    5 Stars
    Marcus L. (San Rafael, CA)

    Shocking to read some of the reviews, I and my family have used Peter Zahedi for the past 15 years. I have never once had a problem with him or his very competent staff. I have enjoyed his services, as well as his staff’s and will continue on using him as long as I live in Marin. Many Yelpers (people) get out of bed in some sort of FUNK (bad mood) and take it out on innocent victims, but they should be more concerned on how to find happiness in their own lives. Chill out on the phone and listen to yourself and then maybe how people treat you will have a better reflection of the energy that you are giving out!



    5 Stars
    L.E (San Rafael, CA)

    For years, I went from dentist to dentist in central Marin, never finding the right one. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Peter Zahedi, and he has been my dentist ever since. He’s always been extremely thorough and meticulous. A couple of years ago, I had to have a bridge, and he made sure it was done right and was comfortable to my satisfaction. It is clear that he takes pride in his dental work. In addition to his professionalism and skill, he’s friendly with a ready smile and genuinely a nice guy!



    5 Stars
    DJ & JJ (Mill Valley, CA)

    Dr. Peter Zahedi has been our Dentist for over five years. During this time he has replaced several old crowns. We have been very satisfied with the work of Dr. Zahedi. He has been very accommodating on emergency visits. The staff is professional and the receptionist friendly.


    5 Stars
    Lusiana G. (San Rafael, CA)

    I love my new smile. Dr. Zahedi is great and his staff is friendly. I never used to smile, ashamed, and had little to no confidence. With my new smile, I have confidence and like Dr. Zahedi say, giving my biggest smile. Thanks Again! 🙂


    5 Stars
    Carol S. (Mill Valley, CA)

    After some terrible experiences with two incompetent and very expensive dentists, I decided to find a dentist who took Delta Dental Insurance.  Dr. Zahedi was the only choice given to me in Marin.

    After being one of Dr. Zahedi’s patients for about three years now, I would choose him even if he didn’t take Delta.  He is extremely competent.  I have four new crowns to prove it.  The care and skill he used to do some pretty tricky new crowns was outstanding work.  One of them included a bridge with a tooth in the middle.  He has awards on his walls showing that I am not the only one that considers him outstanding in his profession.  AND he is very reasonable in his billing practices.

    Dr. Zahedi is not only an excellent dentist; he is a thoroughly gentlemanly person: very kind, empathetic, and generous with the Novocain (a necessity for me).  He also hires an excellent staff of kind helpers.  The tone of the office is peaceful and upbeat.  I couldn’t be more pleased to be his patient.  I would recommend Dr. Zahedi to anyone.

    5 Stars
    Russell E.W. (San Rafael, CA)

    As a senior citizen with years of time in the dental chair, I have never been more satisfied with my dentist than with Dr Peter Zahedi. He is professional in all respects and stays current with advanced education in his field- most recently courses in implantology. Under his care my teeth and gums continue to be healthy. Also, his advice and follow up on homecare have been beneficial.


    5 Stars
    Francisco G. (San Rafael, CA)


    It’s rare for me to write a service review but in this case it is warranted. Throughout the years I have had cosmetic dental work that in my opinion has been sub-par. Not anymore. During my dental cleaning with Dr. Zahedi I expressed to him that I was not happy with my smile. Past dental work had let me with front teeth that were bulky and bigger than my original teeth. He thoughtfully listened to my concerns and suggested cosmetic work that would make my teeth look natural and in turn give me a more confident smile. I could not be more satisfied. I appreciated how clearly Dr. Zahedi communicated with me and how he took the time to do the job right. I now have a perfect smile.


    5 Stars
    Margrit M. (Petaluma, CA)


    My children and I have been patients of Dr. Zahedi for years. I have had my share of dentist visits since I was a child and I am very grateful that he is our dentist. We always feel well taken care of. He is very professional, a good listener and gives straight forward answers. He has done quite a few dental procedures over the years. Anything from new fillings, bonding front teeth, crowns and just a couple of weeks ago he replaced a bridge I have had for over 30 years. I was a little hesitant to replace the bridge, after all it has served me well for such a long time. Well, I am glad I did, because the new bridge is awesome, it fit’s like a glove, just perfect, just like I always had it. I am always so impressed with his skill and on top of it, he and his staff are very kind and friendly. My kids, now in their twenties and in college are still patients of Dr. Zahedi and I will be his patient as long as he is a practicing dentistry.


    5 Stars
    Derek P. (Greenbrae, Ca)


    Dr. Peter Zahedi has been my dentist for 10 years, and I recommend him highly. He is careful not to cause pain; he is most meticulous and patient in getting the best possible result in every situation. He keeps himself informed about the ongoing developments in dentistry, and I am confident that I am in good hands. His staff is efficient and friendly.


    5 Stars
    Myrna P. (Greenbrae, Ca)


    Dr. Zahedi has been my dentist for 10 years; I have found him to be a gentle and caring dentist. His staff is efficient, responsive, and the office is neat and orderly in a convenient, central location.


    5 Stars
    Muriel H. (Novato, Ca)


    Dr. Zahedi had been my dentist for a number of years now. I just completed a series of complicated dental work and I think that Dr.Zahedi did an excellent job. He has demonstrated exceptional and caring capabilities and is dedicated to his profession. His staff is kind, caring and thoughtful. I would highly recommend him as a dentist.


    5 Stars
    Anonymous (San Rafael, CA)


    Dr. Zahedi performs professional dental services. He is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in dentistry. His staff and assistants are friendly and responsive to requests.


    5 Stars
    Gloria M. (San Rafael, CA)

    I was first referred to Dr. Zahedi by a friend and have been more than pleased to
    continue my dental care with him. I found the quality of professional care to be out-
    standing. As a retired educator, I am detail -oriented and expect to be informed of
    pending procedures, which Dr. Zahedi is always patient to explain in full. The office atmosphere is comfortable, show-casing art objects and paintings. In addition, Dr. Zahedi provides ready attention to my personal comfort while I am undergoing lengthy dental work. He is meticulous in his results and my bridges and crowns fit perfectly, thanks to his skills. I feel most secure in entrusting my dental needs to Dr. Zahedi and his competent staff.


    5 Stars
    Sarah R. (San Rafael, CA)

    Dr. Peter Zahedi is a great dentist he is who you wanna go to to get your dental work done right. The staff is very prompt and professional . My whole family goes to this dentistry they make us feel comfortable and valued . I would highly recommend anyone to go to this dentistry believe me they go the extra mile to meet your needs and satisfaction (( :


    5 Stars
    Jo-Ann G. (Novato, CA)

    Gosh… I just read the reviews and can not believe what this person is saying. (It appears that all the reviews (negative) that I read all seemed to be by the same person. It seems right (to me) that you go for an appointment first if this is your first experience with a new dentist. And then a follow up appointment for cleaning at a different time. Most /all? dentists do that. I have never had a problem with Peter Zahedi and find his services to be by far much better then a few dentists that I have encountered through the years. I am perfectly happy with Dr. Zahedi and all the work that he has preformed with me. I think his staff is wonderful, kind, caring and thoughtful. He has never recommended whitening for me and has only preformed work that was necessary.


    4 Stars
    Gen S. (Fairfax, CA)

    Dr Zahedi and his staff have been caring for my families teeth for several years. They are friendly and accommodating to my scheduling needs. After having bad dental experiences with 2 other marin county dentists, it was a relief to find someone who knows what they are doing and not only corrected the terrible mistakes of the past dentist but has made my teeth look fantastic. Ive read some of these reviews and I have to say in the 5+ years I’ve been seeing Dr Zahedi, Ive never felt pushed into anything and have not had my teeth whitened nor has anyone in my family. Additionally, I just want to share that I do feel there is a connection with both the doctor and the staff. The receptionist is absolutely lovely and the staff is very professional.


    5 Stars
    EINB (Oakland, CA)

    Great place to be, they are nice and supper friendly.:))))


    5 Stars
    Chris A. (San Rafael, CA)

    I have read the other reviews, and I am surprised. My experience, over two years now, has been very different. I think he’s great. I recommended Dr. Zhedi to my wife after seeing him several times, and she has been seeing him for a year now and is very happy with his work as well. I think he is competent and professional. I have never felt like he tried to “sell” me anything, but rather has been fast and efficient with all the work he has performed. I like his attention to detail, and I trust him. His web site is quite helpful to anyone wanting good info about what he does. I mention this because so many medical web sites lack the detail he provides. I am happy I found him.


    5 Stars

    Dr. Zahedi has grasped up-to-date dental technology and he applied it very skills fully to my front teeth root canal and bonding. I had dentists before and I knew they couldn’t be a match to Dr. Zahedi in terms of the skills and technology. I knew the big contrast on my teeth before and after Dr. Zahedi work. I love my front teeth very much and now I wear a big smile baring my front teeth.


    5 Stars

    Dr. Zahedi is the best dentist! He is so gentle and does such comprehensive exams. Do you know why dentists call out numbers when they are checking your gums? Well I do now! Dr. Zahedi always takes the time to explain to me what he is doing and why he is doing it. I have always been scared of dental work but not anymore. Dr. Zahedi replaced all of my ugly silver fillings with white ones and he bleached my teeth. I feel like I look younger now because of my prettier smile. Best of all I no longer avoid going to the dentist. He has a really nice staff who are always up-beat. It is a fun place to visit if you have to go to the dentist and listen to soft rock & flamingo music which is very relaxing.


    5 Stars

    I’ve been going to dr zahedi now for nearly a year, and I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve seen other dentists too and they’re both very professional and caring. I recently had a filling redone and the doctor even called me the next day to see how I was feeling. They have lots of technology and fun to distract you during cleanings. You also get to listen to flamingo, read celebrity gossip, and see pictures of your teeth on the computer. You also can book and confirm appointments online. I’d recommend this place to friends for sure.


    5 Stars

    I have always had dental problem growing up. I was always scared of any dental treatment since my childhood since I had bad experience with all my dentist. A friend of mine strongly recommended Dr. Zahedi because she and her husband have been treated by him for many years. Dr. Zahedi was very professional and his friendly staff made me feel very comfortable at the office. After careful diagnosis of my dental problems, he recommended a treatment plan and discussed my treatment options with me. His office manager offered a great payment plan options which made it possible and affordable for me (unlike other dental offices). Dr. Zahedi and his dental team completed my dental treatment. I am very pleased with the quality of dental care I received from this office and I strongly recommend this office to every one as well.


    5 Stars
    A Yahoo! Local user

    I love this dentist office. The staff is super friendly and superior to any other dentist office I’ve ever been to. Unfortunately, my lovely genes have me visiting every 4 months for a cleaning. Going to this office has changed my attitude about dentistry. The cleanings are super easy, better than past experiences. I had a filling done by Dr. zahedi recently – Didn’t hurt a bit afterwards sore after And he did such a beautiful job, you’d never know I’d had a filling. This office has skills – turning an avid dentist hater into a “this whole dentist thing isn’t all that bad” person.


    5 Stars

    Dr. Zahedi is very nice and professional. He listens to my concerns and gives straight forward advise on procedures, when asked. His staff is very friendly and accomodating. Always willing to work with my schedule, my ever changing insurance carrier, and my concerns with costs of procedures. I’m a ‘bit’ of a scared patient, so my anxiety level is always high, even for a teeth cleaning, but I always feel taken care of. I can appreciate the level of professionalism and service offered.


    5 Stars
    A Yahoo! Local user

    After seeing many offices, this office was knock out.


    5 Stars

    Friendly office, sincere concern for patient welfare, excellent quality of care


    5 Stars

    When the family dentist we had for two decades finally retired, my husband and I rigorously screened and met a variety of dentists and even had cleanings with our “short list”. We’ve been seeing Dr. Zahedi for about 2 years now (really since he first started practicing at this location) and we have been very happy. He’s very professional, schooled in Boston, with a well-equipped office that has soaring ceilings. His brother works in reception and on occasion, his mom will even spend some time there so we find it a comfortable place. He did an excellent job with a filling I needed and when I requested he try it without novocaine, he did and it worked out fine for me. I recommend him especially for people looking for a general dentist who will be around for a while.


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