Same Day Dental Implants: Procedure and Benefits

Same Day Dental Implants: Procedure and Benefits

September 1, 2022

Getting dental implants has always been a lengthy process taking as long as ten months. However, the duration of replacing teeth using dental implants has been shortened significantly. Instead of waiting for months, the implant dentist near you can give you a quicker smile with same-day implants. Read on for more about the fast yet effective same-day implant procedure.

Understanding Same-Day Implants

Anyone with traditional implants can tell you about the lengthy and time-consuming process. Acquiring a permanent smile through the convectional implant procedure takes ages. After the dentist extracts the unhealthy teeth being replaced, you must wait for 3-4 months for the gums and socket to heal.

You will then have the implant placement surgery and wait about 3-6 months for the post to fuse with the jawbone. The dentist will ascertain the implant is sturdy and then place the crown. There are multiple dental visits required during the process.

The same-day dental implant in San Rafael process is not as complicated and quicker. Although implant placement surgery is the same as traditional implants, the recovery time is shorter. Additionally, you will only need to see the implant dentist three times to have an amazing smile. Finally, you leave the office with a beautiful smile instead of titanium implants.               

The Same-Day Dental Implant Procedure

The first step is scheduling the initial appointment for dental implants near you. During this visit, the dentist will comprehensively evaluate your mouth and health. In addition, they will verify that your gums are healthy and the jawbone has sufficient size.

The dentist will also check your immune system to ensure you can heal fast. If you have lifestyle habits such as tobacco use, the dentist will request that you quit. This is because they can slow down or inhibit recovery. Then the expert will instruct you on preparing for the surgical procedure.

Your second dental visit involves implant placement. First, the dentist administers anesthesia and sedative for comfortable, pain-free surgery. After, they extract the tooth or teeth to be replaced. Next, this expert fixes the titanium posts on the jawbone. Finally, the dentist will place the implants in the jawbone. Four or six implants are used if you need multiple teeth replaced.

Once the implant is in position, the dentist will perform an immediate dentoalveolar procedure. Simply put, the dentist will attach temporary replacement teeth to the implant. You will be sent home with instructions to ensure a fast and uncomplicated recovery. The dentist will replace the restorations with permanent prosthetics when the site heals. This will take place after months.

Candidates for Same-Day Dental Implants

You can qualify for same-day dental implants in San Rafael if you:

  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products. Smokers should quit before the treatment.
  • Have a healthy and sufficient jawbone structure
  • Do not have gum disease
  • Practice excellent dental hygiene
  • Do not suffer from bruxism
  • Have no autoimmune conditions or chronic disease

Benefits of Same-Day Implants

  • The process gives immediate results and a high level of patient satisfaction.
  • You are assured of a natural appearance because the gums grow around the implant easily as they heal.
  • The implants keep away bacteria from the socket after an extraction. As a result, you can avoid an infection in the tooth socket during recovery.
  • This process is more cost-effective since all the steps are done in one appointment.
  • You spend less time at the dentists due to the quick treatment. For instance, the implantation and prosthetic process take 30 minutes to three hours.
  • People who dislike dentures can avoid wearing them when undergoing the same-day implant treatment.
  • You do not stay without teeth at any time, even after dental extraction. The teeth are replaced immediately and function relatively well during the healing period.
  • Same-day dental implants help you avoid treatments such as bone grafting. These are necessary if you wait for a long time after an extraction.

The techniques for placing same-day dental implants have improved significantly over the year. This ensures the treatment’s success. Contact us at
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to enhance your smile with same-day dental implants.

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