Emergency Dentistry in San Rafael, CA

Emergency Dentistry in San Rafael, CA

Dental emergencies are not only very painful, but they can also be life-threatening if not treated immediately. At other times, you may experience intense discomfort and not know what to do in the situation. If you have a dental emergency, call San Rafael Dentistry first.

Even if the dental office is closed, our trained dentist near you will provide instructions over the phone.

Recognizing a Dental Emergency

Are you experiencing excruciating tooth pain after regular office hours? Broken dental appliances, lost fillings, or chipped veneers may be annoying, but they do not need emergency dentist in San Rafael, CA.

If you’re wondering whether to call Dr. Peter Zahedi or wait until the next day, these tips may help you identify dental emergencies:

Broken, Cracked, or Dislodged Teeth

While a small chip or crack in the tooth can be treated during normal business hours, a large fracture or break requires immediate intervention. If your tooth has been completely dislodged or knocked loose from the socket, the nerves may become exposed, leading to increased risks. Place an ice pack to control bleeding, and bite down on a wet gauze, if possible. You can also carefully store the tooth between your cheek and gums until you get to San Rafael Dentistry.

Dr. Peter Zahedi will first take x-rays, numb the area, reposition the tooth and splint it to adjacent teeth. The re-inserted tooth will take about two weeks to heal.

Jaw Pain or Tooth Ache

Mild to moderate tooth pain can be diagnosed and treated during regular office hours. However, if you are suffering from intense toothache or lasting jaw pain, it’s time to contact our experienced dentist. Untreated decay can infect the pulp and cause your tooth to become abscessed. An abscess can cause excruciating pain.

An infection in the saliva glands or TMJ problems can cause severe jaw pain. If the pain is accompanied by difficulty in swallowing and fever, it should be treated immediately. Dr. Peter Zahedi may drain the tooth, administer antibiotics, or perform an emergency root canal procedure.

If you need emergency dentist near you, you should immediately contact our dentist at San Rafael Dentistry.