Fluoride Treatment in San Rafael, CA

Fluoride Treatment in San Rafael, CA

We welcome new patients to our family-friendly practice at San Rafael Dentistry. Our highly trained dentist near you offers a range of preventive care treatments for children and adults, including dental exams and cleanings, gum disease and oral cancer screening, sealants, and fluoride treatment.

How Fluoride Treatment Prevents Tooth Decay 

Many dental products contain fluoride for added protection against cavities. However, in-office fluoride treatment in San Rafael, CA, helps strengthen tooth enamel against oral plaque. The fluoride combines with calcium in the tooth structure to create a protective shield against acid attack.

When we consume sugary and starchy foods, this increases acidity in the oral cavity, and your teeth become susceptible to cavities. Once our experienced dentist, Dr. Peter Zahedi, DMD, applies topical fluoride varnish, it helps in the re-absorption of minerals, makes tooth enamel more resilient, and counteracts the effect of harmful acids.

Ignoring dental health can result in tooth decay, cavity formation, and weak tooth enamel. Please call our supportive dentist in San Rafael, CA, for our array of effective preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services.

Frequency of Fluoride Treatments near You 

Most children benefit from getting fluoride treatments twice a year. However, if you suffer from certain conditions like dry mouth, gum recession, or have a history of cavities, you may need more frequent fluoride application. Lack of saliva makes tooth enamel more vulnerable to acid attacks.

You or your child may need more frequent topical fluoride application if you

  • Have exposed tooth roots
  • Have poor or inadequate oral hygiene habits
  • Have deep pits, grooves, and fissures on the chewing surfaces of your teeth
  • Consume excessive sugary and starchy foods

Children who wear prosthetics like crowns or braces can also benefit from pain-free fluoride treatment as it strengthens the tooth enamel beneath. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Peter Zahedi, DMD, uses concentrated, professional-grade fluoride varnish that offers superior protection compared to over-the-counter toothpaste, rinses, and gels.

Contact Us for Fluoride Treatment 

Our conveniently located dental office at San Rafael Dentistry is equipped with the latest dental equipment that helps in accurate diagnosis and precise delivery of dental care treatments.

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