Root Canal Therapy in San Rafael, CA

Root Canal Therapy in San Rafael, CA

Dr. Peter Zahedi may perform root canal therapy to save your natural tooth and protect it from further complications. Timely root canal treatment involves minimal discomfort and results in significant pain relief. Leaving an infected tooth untreated may increase the risk of developing an abscess and may result in extraction.

Root canal treatment is the most common endodontics treatment. If you have any questions about root canal treatment or wish to schedule an appointment, please call our trained dentist near you today.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

You may need root canal therapy in San Rafael, CA, if the inside of your tooth has become infected or inflamed due to repeated treatments, untreated decay, or cracked crowns. Dental trauma may result in inflammation of the tooth pulp even if there are no visible cracks or breaks. Regular dental exams at San Rafael Dentistry can bring hidden problems to light before they transform into stressful emergencies.

Our experienced endodontist will numb the area, clean out the infected material, and carefully disinfect the root canal before sealing it against further decay. Once the site has fully healed, we will place a crown to protect the treated tooth from damage. Root canal therapy restores your smile and eliminates the infection.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Help?

Thanks to advances in dentistry, root canal therapy is now a pain-free procedure with minimal discomfort. More importantly, it is associated with several oral benefits:

Results in Pain Relief

The pain from an infected root canal is no laughing matter and can lead to sleepless nights and severe discomfort. Dr. Peter Zahedi will use local anesthesia or oral sedation to numb the area, and you will feel no pain during the procedure. Our dentist in San Rafael, CA, will prescribe painkillers to control lingering soreness after the procedure.

Retains Your Natural Tooth

Although San Rafael Dentistry offers several advanced restorations, retaining natural teeth is always the best option, whenever possible. Root canal therapy near you helps save the natural tooth structure and reduces the risk of extraction.

Also, in most cases, root canal therapy is likely to be covered by most dental insurance plans. Timely intervention prevents the need for expensive, ongoing treatment.

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