Veneers Near Me in San Rafael, CA

Veneers in San Rafael, CA

A good smile is always a worthwhile investment. If your pearly whites are not as pleasing, pearly, or white as you’d like them to be, please contact our skilled dentist near you for natural looking dental veneers in San Rafael.

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers, are a simple, non-invasive, and quick way to fix minor chips, cracks, and stains. They are made of wafer-thin ceramic shells that can be fastened onto the front surface of your tooth. We will help you determine the best shade of white that matches your skin tone and facial contours.

Thanks to advanced dental technology, veneers can now be designed to reflect a translucent color that matches natural teeth. Veneers are suitable for patients who wish to preserve their natural teeth without extensive treatments like whitening or tooth- reshaping.

Patients with bruxism, occlusion problems, or structural tooth damage may not be good candidates for veneers near you. Some patients may first need dental implants or a root canal before we can start the veneers procedure.

Veneers Procedure at San Rafael Dentistry

The veneers process starts off with an initial consultation with Dr. Peter Zahedi. The veneers procedure involves three steps:

1. Assessment of your tooth to evaluate size, color, shape, and identify decay. If you have short or worn down front teeth or significant staining, veneers may be an ideal restoration to boost your smile.

2. Our experienced dentist in San Rafael, CA, will file down a minimal amount of tooth structure to make room for the dental veneers. We will send the impressions of the prepared tooth to an offsite lab. The dentist will fasten a temporary veneer to protect the ground-down tooth from damage or injury.

3. Once the porcelain veneer is ready, we will fasten it carefully onto the front tooth using special cement.

Dr. Peter Zahedi can fasten composite resin veneers in a single visit; the procedure does not require fabrication at a lab. Composite resin veneers are more cost-effective but less durable and aesthetic than porcelain veneers.

You can rely on our trained dentist at San Rafael Dentistry to give you the bright, healthy smile that you’ve always wanted.