Why Should You Say ‘YES’ to Fluoride Treatment?

Why Should You Say ‘YES’ to Fluoride Treatment?

December 1, 2021

Do you think fluoride treatments are merely for children providing no benefits to adults? You will probably change your thinking when the dentist near you provides information fluoride treatments are beneficial to everyone, including children and adults. Children are undoubtedly at-risk for dental caries and cavities. Unfortunately, the risks have also increased in aging adults increasingly encountering vulnerability to the bacteria causing tooth and root decay.

A natural mineral helping build robust tooth enamel to prevent cavities has been around for decades, and everyone has received fluoride treatments from the dentist during the six-monthly dental exams and cleanings. The protective outer layer of your teeth, the enamel, receives support from fluoride to fight the bacteria responsible for harming the teeth and gums.

Fluoride treatments are incredibly beneficial if you are at high risk of developing tooth decay and dental cavities. When bacteria build up on your teeth and gums, they form a sticky layer of plaque. Unfortunately, plaque produces acids to erode the teeth and gum tissue. When plaque penetrates the enamel, the bacteria starts harming and infecting the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue at the center of the tooth. Therefore if suggested fluoride treatment near you by the dentist in your location, you must respond with a resounding ‘YES.’

What Kinds of Fluoride Is Available for Adults?

Adults requesting fluoride treatment San Rafael receive the fluoride treatment from highly concentrated rinses, foam, gel, or varnish. The application of fluoride is accomplished with a swab, mouthwash, brush, or tray.

Fluoride treatments from dentists contain more fluoride than available in water or toothpaste. The treatment merely requires a few minutes, but you are restricted from eating or drinking anything 30 minutes after the application to ensure your teeth fully absorb the fluoride. You help yourself by providing your dentist with your entire medical history to ensure they choose suitable treatments for you.

How Does Fluoride Treatment Help Adult Teeth?

Fluoride applications have proven efficient in protecting teeth from decay by regenerating weakened enamel by remineralizing the teeth after fluoride applications. As a result, the teeth absorb the minerals they lost to make themselves hard again. Besides strengthening teeth to inhibit future decay, Fluoride treatments also help reverse early decline to prevent the need for teeth fillings.

As an adult, you benefit from fluoride treatments because your teeth weaken with age to make them vulnerable to decay. The remineralization process occurs naturally in our mouths even as we age. However, the process becomes inefficient, increasing our risks of dental problems. Therefore if you are recommended fluoride treatments by the dentist in San Rafael, you mustn’t hesitate to accept the suggestion because fluoride treatments provide more benefits than you imagine.

What Makes Adults Prone to Tooth Decay?

As you age, chemical changes in your body and various other elements make your mouth prone to tooth decay. For example, if you wake up every morning with a dry mouth caused by sleep apnea or a condition called xerostomia, you develop a dry mouth condition. With xerostomia, saliva production in your mouth decreases to allow bacteria within to have a field day.

If you are affected by gum disease and have receding gums, you are likely at an increased risk of root decay because the gum recession would have exposed the tooth roots. In addition, root decay brings you the need to undergo the fearsome root canal treatment to set you back considerably.

If you maintain inadequate oral hygiene, you invite tooth decay and cavities to develop on your teeth because your weakened enamel puts you at a higher risk of oral infections. If you also smoke, you can rest assured the chemicals from the tobacco will contribute to a dry mouth and increase your chances of gum recession. All these conditions require expensive treatments from dental or medical professionals costing you a significant sum.

Instead of inviting unwanted problems in your mouth and treating them by obtaining expensive treatments, you will find getting fluoride treatments is an affordable option that helps strengthen your tooth enamel, making it robust to battle the bacteria in your mouth day in and day out.

Fluoride treatments cost merely $ 10-$ 30 to treat all your teeth and are a conservative solution in your battle against cavities for several months. However, one cavity on any tooth will cost more than half a dozen fluoride treatments with dental appointments, fillings, and other dental care needs. Under the circumstances, would you even consider saying ‘NO’ to fluoride treatments if ever recommended by the dentist near you? We are confident you wouldn’t and prefer this treatment instead of regular dental visits to treat cavities and fillings.

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