Why Should You See an Implantologist for Dental Implants?

Why Should You See an Implantologist for Dental Implants?

November 1, 2022

What Are Dental Implants?

They are small titanium metal posts for replacing lost teeth in dentistry. Dental implants near you offer a permanent tooth replacement solution for patients looking for long-term restorative treatments for missing teeth.

Dental implants work by replacing tooth roots. An implant specialist in San Rafael would cut your gums and drill the jawbone to make room for the titanium metal post. After erecting the implant in your jaw, the dentist will suture the gums to hold it in place. Later on, you will undergo another procedure to crown the implant. Typically, dentists use dental crowns to complete the tooth replacement process. However, you can also get dental bridges or dentures to crown your dental implants.

Who Is an Implantologist?

An implantologist in San Rafael is a dental expert who specializes in tooth replacements with dental implants. These dental experts are known and praised for performing the highest quality implant surgeries in restorative dentistry.

Why Must You Visit an Implantologist for Your Tooth Implants?

Ideally, any oral surgeon can replace your tooth with dental implants. However, at San Rafael Dentistry (Peter Zahedi DMD), we encourage patients to find the most suitable dental experts for specific treatments. When you choose to replace your teeth with dental implants, the following are reasons why you must have an implantologist near you perform the procedure:

  • Vast experience – these implant specialists have handled many dental implants, making them more suitable for the job than other dental experts.
  • Extra training and skills – unlike general dentists, implantologists in San Rafael have additional training that helps them excel in implant placements for tooth replacements.
  • Implant timeline – getting dental implants is generally a long treatment. It takes between 3 and 12 months to complete the tooth replacement process. The reason is that you may require other surgeries like bone grafting to restore your jawbone’s health. All the surgeries need ample recovery time before you can proceed with the next one. Therefore, you need a dental expert that can attend to your oral needs throughout the elongated timeline of getting dental implants.
  • Different dental implants – the three common types of implants in dentistry are endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic. Although endosteal is the most common and safest type, you need a dental expert who can comfortably perform all types.
  • Handling highly complex cases – if you have a compromising medical condition, whether oral-related or not, you are better off in the hands of an implantologist than a general dentist when getting dental implants.
  • Countering the common problems occurring with dental implants – an implantologist near you is the ideal expert to install dental implants with solid plans to counter possible complications. When you decide to get implants, a few problems can arise if the treatment is not done well. They include:
  1. Loose implant – especially as it heals
  2. Further bone loss – if you do not have a healthy jawbone from the word go, it may not be able to handle the force you apply to it after getting implants.
  3. Excess space between your implant and the rest of your natural teeth
  4. Infection on the implantation site.

Tips for Finding the Best Implantologist for Your Treatment

Replacing your teeth with dental implants is only a good idea if you get it done right. A prerequisite for a successful dental implant procedure is finding the best implantologist to do the job. Some tips for identifying such a dental expert are:

  • Consider their experience and special training – more experience often translates to better skill and expertise in procedures.
  • Consider reviews and referrals – if more than two patients have had a great experience with a dentist, chances are that you will too. Read reviews from previous patients and take up recommendations and referrals.
  • Account for their general good track record of the implant specialist near you – should include a generally agreeable and sensible philosophy about dental care.
  • Consider the work environment – the dental clinic should tell you a thing or two about the degree of expertise and high regard for dental care your dentist employs. The equipment in the facility will also point to the preparedness of the dental expert in handling your oral needs.
  • Consider other factors – like proximity, availability, flexibility, and accessibility.
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